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Anchorage AK Sound Healing Therapist Frans Bosman

"My name is Franz Bosman. I am a sound healer. Well, sound healer or sound healing - may be terms that you have not been exposed to very much. Perhaps occasionally and you may wonder what this is all about. Well, sound healing is something that you have experienced already in a few different ways, no doubt. For example, you like music of a particular kind and you have experienced that it has changed your mood - how you feel and things like that and you may have heard terms in a medical world like - an ultrasound, used to create an image on a screen created by high-frequency sounds. It's a form of sound healing. So the term is really not too unfamiliar and has been around for a while."

What is Sound Healing Therapy in Anchorage AK?

According to Healthline, sound healing therapy uses; "aspects of music to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being. The person being treated partakes in the experience with a trained sound healing practitioner."

Frans Bosman, sound healing therapist believes: ".. sound healing - the way we practice it - is all about, is a very targeted way of dealing with an issue that the client comes for and that can range between issues with hormone balance or sleep issues."

Anchorage AK Sound Healing Therapy

"What we do is we assist the body's own quite phenomenal capacity to heal itself. We assist the body's energy in blossoming if you will, to give it more power to heal itself and this can be done with a variety of methods - all very very targeted. We have met it to influence hormone balance in our bodies. We work with brainwave States which means we can reach states of consciousness where we feel much calmer, creative, focused. Our voices because the voice is our own, unique and most powerful healing instrument when we activate our voices in a targeted way we can do amazing things for ourselves, for others."

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